Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diaper bags for the discerning mom

I have several pregnant friends, and more who are new moms, and I have recently begun to understand the importance of a chic diaper bag.  As one friend put it, "I will carry this bag almost everywhere I go for about 3 years - that's more than any purse!"  Faced with the prospect of carrying one bag 1000 times, I sure as heck would not pick a $50 bag made of cheap vinyl with a juvenile pattern on it.

I'm not sure why people hesitate to invest in a diaper bag (besides the fact that it might get dirty).  Moms deserve to look at stylish as anyone else, so if you're in the market for one, get something you'd carry without a kid in tow and by all means, say no to pink gingham.

In the interest of  helping out, here are some some stylish options that cost no more than a good purse you'd deem worth to carry from now until 2013:

Timi and Leslie - "Hannah"
This is my top pick and hands down the best brand I've found in my searches tonight- I love that it looks like a great purse but still has all the baby equipment

Timi and Leslie - "Charlie II"
This comes in five colors... and I would carry it on airplanes or to work without having a child.

Kalencom - "Hannah Messenger Bag"
For the sporty moms...

Debbie Rott - "Brian"
(Dad could carry this one too)

Isoki Reversible Diaper Bag
I love how this bag goes from floral to basic black, depending on your mood

Skip Hop "Studio Tote"

Reese Li "Lexington"

Kate Spade "Union Square - Stevie"
I know this would be a splurge, but it's so chic...

Storksak "Olivia"


  1. You are so right about it being carried for 3 years - probably even 5 years in some cases if the kid are 2 years apart.

    The red Skip Hop messenger-style diaper bag we bought in 2007 has aged really surprisingly well; so well that we have continued to use it for our DD. Like all of your above examples, it doesn't look like a "diaper bag" and is something DH can also carry.



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