Thursday, September 9, 2010

The DIY continues: Clearance chair camoflage

It's no secret that I could buy out the West Elm store if I had enough money and space in my house.  I love almost everything in the store this fall and often stop in on my lunch break to browse the clearance corner in the back by the bathroom.  Last month I was doing my usual walk through when I hit the jackpot - a gray striped scoop back chair for $34.99 (regularly $99).  I love the modern lines and that it's actually really comfortable to sit in while I type this post at my desk.

However, the nice people at West Elm Dallas don't mark down new chairs for fun.  My chair is missing a piece of gray laminate in the top right corner. The spot is about as big as a quarter.  It took me about a minute to decide to buy the chair, and most of that time was wondering if it would fit in the trunk of a Solara (it did). 

I knew, thanks to my constant Etsy browsing, I could find an inexpensive vinyl decal to cover the spot and I'd be good to go.  After some searching, I decided that the stripes on the chair would go well with a set of 3 bird decals for sale in the Elephannie shop.

Once my decals arrived, I wiped down the chair, removed the backing and positioned each bird where I wanted them (using the head of one to cover the damaged spot).  I used a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles, then peeled back the cover sheet.

Five minutes and $7 later, I was done.  I like the look of the finished product, but if I get bored with it one day I can peel off the birds and pick something new since vinyl decals don't cause damage.

Whatcha think?


  1. That is SUPER CUTE! Love the color of the birds on the grey background!



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