Thursday, September 16, 2010

What to wear for photos - the sequel

Those of you who've been reading here for a while will remember that my photographer friend Zoe, of Zoe D. Photography, helped me to write a post earlier this year about what to wear when being photographed.  (You can read it here if you missed out.)

Zoe has just written an update and posted it on her photography blog, and I love the outfits and color palettes she recommends.  Here are her picks for late summer and fall outfits if you're planning a portrait... or just going out.

Notice she combines classic shapes with saturated colors and just a touch of trendy so a picture won't look dated. 

Zoe books photo shoots far in advance, so if you're in the Dallas area, check out her site and start thinking about family photos you may want to take next year. 



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