Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurry up, Autumn. I want to wear boots.

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I've said before that Fall is my favorite season and that I love the clothes so much more than spring and summer.  Today I took a peek at the new fall collection from Lands End Canvas and am now more anxious than ever to break out my sleeves and knee high boots.  Unfortunately, it's still over 90 degrees here so I'll need to wait a little while to wear things like these. 

Softest Cowl Neck
I just ordered this in Ivory because I'll be able to wear it with every pair of trousers I own as well as most of my skirts.  However, I ordered a Medium and a Large because the size chart was strange and my last order didn't fit well.  Luckily, I can take the wrong size back to Sears.

Sweater Coat
The gray is very trendy this year, and I love the shape for traveling as well as layering over more professional pieces.
Leather Zip Hobo
Expensive, yes... but so pretty.  It's about half the price of a comparable Coach bag, but I could find one cheaper at TJ Maxx

Cardigan Sweater Jacket
I like the structure around the lapels, which sets it apart from my usual cardies
Essential V-Neck Sweater
I love this sapphire blue (and many of the other colors too) and think this weight of sweater would go in heavy rotation since I don't live in a climate with freezing temperatures and snow.
Cowlneck Dress
Most of us would need some kind of slip or shapewear under this, but I love the cowlneck and length of this style.
Heritage Trench Coat
If I lived somewhere where I would wear this a lot, I'd buy it in a minute.  The blue is classic, but still unique in a sea of black and khaki.

What pieces are you most excited to wear? 


  1. I LOVE Lands End Canvas and have drooled over many of the same items as you. I actually just bought the cowl neck dress yesterday! I live in Dallas too so I'm getting impatient waiting for cooler days. I haven't read your blog for too long, but just wanted to let you know that I really love it!

  2. Thanks for reading! Let me know how the cowl neck dress works out... If it's nice and thick I may get one too. My last LEC order didn't impress me (the $89 dress felt like I bought it at Old Navy) but I'm hoping it was a fluke.



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