Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let there be white!

It's official.  Easter has passed and we Southern folk now feel no guilt wearing white pants, skirts and dresses.  I want to work some new light and bright items into my wardrobe and make myself get over my fear of spilling things on myself or sitting in dirt. 

Here are some items I have my eye on at my go-to stores:

Lands End Canvas

The Limited


White House Black Market


What's your favorite piece?  How are you going to be wearing white this year?


  1. Sorry for the late post! Blogger has been crapping out on me lately... anyone else having issues with their posts not publishing?

  2. White pants with a colorful top and jean jacket was my summer uniform last year... and will probably be this year's uniform as well.

  3. LOVE that dress from lands end canvas. now i need to work on some sort of tan :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. I am so excited to wear my Matchsticks from Jcrew. I have missed them!

  5. i love the white pencil skirt!! i'm always afraid of getting white clothing dirty. i guess i just need to get over it!!

  6. I never knew lands end (canvas) and loft had such great pieces!!!! Love the sleek white pants!

  7. Love that LOFT dress--for that dress, I just might wear all white. :)

  8. umm...Lands End Canvas? What is that? And why haven't I heard of it before? It's so cute!

  9. I was the fool who wore white jeans on Easter- I live in AZ so it's ok. :) The little kids definitely got the best of my white jeans. That doesn't mean I was too afraid to wear my white slacks to work today! :)

  10. Love that White House Black Market chiffon skirt...so feminine and pretty for spring.
    First time stopping in..following along now:)



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