Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vintage Inspired Swimwear Roundup

As you may recall, I jumped on the pinup style swimsuit bandwagon last year and loved how flirty and flattering the non-skimpy styles can be.  Since it's swimsuit season once again, I decided to round up some of my favorite styles in case you're interested in trading your string bikini for a suit with a little more coverage.

1. Modcloth Bathing Beauty One-Piece - I have this suit in wine and LOVE it.  It's worth every penny and, in my opinion, suggests that you're rocking a style you love rather than trying to cover up your body.
2. Modcloth Plus Size Bathing Beauty One-Piece - It looks great on everyone, I tell you!
3. Azure Padded Underwire Top and Brief via Figleaves
4. Panache Lucille Top and Brief via Figleaves

5. Rasurel Croisette Beandeau Swimsuit
6. Aerin Rose Shirred Healter One-Piece (with hidden underwire!)
7. Kenneth Cole Skirted One-Piece
8. Jantzen Vamp One-Piece

 9. DVF Maryelle Striped Bikini
10. J. Crew Tie Front Beandeau Tank
11. Anthropologie Natalie One-Piece
12. Modcloth Beach Blanket Bingo Two-Piece

So, what kind of suit do you plan to wear this year?


  1. I love some of the one pieces that are out right now. Thinking I need one ASAP!

  2. i love that yellow one!! this style is awesome and so much more comfortable.

  3. loove the retro suits! i really want something w polka dots this summer :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. I love everything and anything bandeau and I especially love that ANTHRO bathing suit!

  5. love the one-pieces! I need one this year!

  6. I love these retro suits! I'm a one piece girl and so often all that offered are very basic and boring suits--these are great!

  7. i am SO into the retro one-piece. i'm nervous about finding the right leg cut/fit, but i'm sure that magical little number is out there somewhere. darling picks!

  8. I love vintage-inspired suits. There's just something so glamorous and sexy about them!

  9. So cute! This is going to sound stupid, but how do you do the little collages with pictures like you have here? Thanks!

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes these suits!

    @ Erin - I used Photoshop for these lineups (I'm not very good) but I have actual collages they're usually made on

  11. I'm very behind on blogs, but I definitely still love this one. I want a vintage bathing suit so badly. And I think that requires a hat as well. :) Thanks for all the fun posts!



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