Monday, April 25, 2011

Must. Have. Monograms.

Happy Monday!  I had a wonderful long weekend at my sister and brother-in-law's wedding.  The event was gorgeous, my hair stayed up (!!!) and I got home on Easter Sunday for a relaxing evening of internet and DVR.  When I made my way over to Gold and Gray I literally squealed and could not wait to re-share these fabulous items from Luxury Monograms.

I can't even decide what I want most.  It's all so perfect and full of color.  What would you buy if you got to pick just one thing?

I would love a set of monogrammed placemats, but I think I'd be too scared to eat on them!


  1. I have no idea which thing I would pick...I want so many !! I definitely love the placemats and the purple suzani pillow !! But really everything is fabulous.


  2. i really like the stripe pillow! what a great find :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. Ahhh!!! So cute, I love the purple/green/blue pattern pillow and those scarves (so great!)

  4. love the yellow and gray combo!! so pretty.

    glad to hear the wedding was great :)

  5. That grey striped pillow at the top with the leaf monogram is now on my wish list for our new living room. So pretty, thanks for sharing the link!

  6. These are so cute! Can't wait to see your post on Friday! I added a little badge that you can grab on my first wedding post if you'd like it (for your post on Friday).

    That was probably an unnecessarily long explanation. It's late :)

  7. I love monograms too! I think the chevron pillow with monogram would be my pick!

  8. I have such a thing for monograms. Brings me back to middle school when monogrammed sweaters were "the thing to wear." I am loving those pillows. The striped pillow w/ the orange stitching is so great for summer. xo



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