Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things Every Girl Needs: Top 5 Accessories

Today's guest blogger for the Things Every Girl Needs series is the lovely Alex from one of my personal favorite blogs, Things That Sparkle.   She's here to provide a list of some of the top accessories that every girl needs!


I tried to narrow this all down on my own but just couldnt pinpoint what I wanted to feature. So, I polled my girlfriends the other night at dinner on the top 5 things every girl should have. After listing 50 instead of 5, we decided to narrow it down to accessories...Here is where we ended up:

The perfect black evening bag/clutch

A giant carryall for the daytime
via Goyard
Ray Ban aviators.  They look good on everyone!

The perfect sky high black pumps (They don't look that high in the pic... but the heel is 5")

The perfect piece of statement jewelry

I'm pretty sure if you have these 5 in your wardrobe you're set! And if someone wants to buy me any of this items, you just let me know!! Thanks so much for having me over today Haley! This post was the perfect dinner conversation!! xoxo


Thanks so much for stopping by, Alex!  I love that clutch and recently realized that I do need aviators in my purse because they do not make me look like Maverick, as I originally feared.   If you'd like to submit a post for this series, shoot me an email and we can arrange a date and topic! 


  1. Yes to black heels and definitely to those sunglasses too! I need to add those to my own do I not have them in my closet?!? Great list lady! :)

  2. I adore Alex so of course, love all of her pics. I've been seeing those perfect sunglasses in a few places lately and I think I NEED immediately. Happy to have found your lovely blog!

  3. I ADORE that Goyard carryall - I think I need one with my future initials on it! And those aviators - perfection! I adore you alex, and am loving Cardigan Junkie... a fellow Dallasite =) xoxo

  4. These are all definite must-haves, I must agree!

  5. Yes, must haves for sure !! Love the goyard bags!


  6. I was so excited when Alex agreed to post this for me! I think I'm finally going to invest in some Ray Bans now that I've proven to myself that I can keep up with sunglasses for more than a year. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

  7. love the shoes!! i agree with all the picks :)

  8. Love 'em all! And so funny, I've been eyeing that clutch! Not that I need another one right now...

    Great feature, Haley!

  9. Great choices!! I totally agree with you!!!

  10. Oh, I love me some Goyard. I would love to have one if the pricetag wasn't a bit high. I've also been thinking I need to try a pair of aviators.

  11. Perfect choice for girls things . great selection of girls accessories. very nice



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