Friday, May 4, 2012

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!!  I'm preparing for a really busy weekend of partying and then starting to prepare for our vacation next week, but wanted to share a few fun things I found this week:

1. Gap is really killing it with their selection of shorts this summer - most of them under $40!  I love the black and gray ikat pair, and will be hunting for them in my size before leaving for Italy.  However, I must take this moment to point out that I'm growing really frustrated with the inconsistent sizing at Gap.  Jeans labeled size 8 and size 14 should not be the same size - that's a pretty ridiculous range.

2. Sometimes I get really excited when I find a room that I think I could recreate.  This is one of them, and my new guest bedroom inspiration.

3. Some of these Busty Girl Comics had me giggling out loud.  For those of us who deal with them 24/7/365, it's nice to know we're not alone in our frustration

4. I am so in love with this dress that my coworker Natalie pinned on Pinterest.  I would wear the crap out of it this summer, but can't quite bring myself to spend $69.  Le sigh...

5. This office nook was the only thing I really liked about the Domino Quick Fixes magazine, and now I want some Eskayel wallpaper more than ever.  However, just a 4 foot cutting is $110 so I may have to settle for a framed piece.

Have a great weekend!


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