Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Summer Uniform: Green LOFT Pants

Yesterday I got the most perfect pair of green cropped pants at LOFT.  They fit like a dream, they're not too cropped but not so long on a short person that they look like regular pants.  This is big news in my life, folks.  I got a white pair, too, but those don't make me dance around in circles in the fitting room.

Here's the pant I bought, but the green appears to be sold out online right now.  However, my local store has several pair.

I know you've seen colored pants on every other blog you clicked on today, and even I've covered them many times before, but just in case you missed it, here is how I'll be rocking my new summer uniform:

my new uniform 2

my new uniform

Have you caved and bought green pants yet?  I think they're the easiest step up from blue, with a bit more versatility after summer is over.  Which is why I almost paid full price.


  1. Really love that last set!! I have a pair of green pants from H&M that are great. I don't wear them enough and your post has me thinking I need to bring them out again.



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