Thursday, May 10, 2012

Be My Guest: Bromeliad Living

Today I'm excited to kick off a series that will introduce you all to some amazing bloggers who are producing great content and nice enough to step in while I'm away.  They've all prepared an introduction to themselves and their blogs, and I hope you'll all get to know each other while I'm away!

First up in Samantha from one of my favorite DIY blogs, Bromeliad Living:

Hi, I'm Samantha from Bromeliad Living. Haley and I share a love for leopard print, flats, J.Crew and a bargain.

Bromeliad Living is inspired by bromeliad plants, which flourish on nothing but air, water and sunshine. I consider being broke to be a creative challenge, so where possible I DIY, upcycle or otherwise get the look for less.

I can tell you where to get a Parson's table or a pencil skirt for less than half off or how to make a Moroccan pouf from a bridesmaids dress.  I'm also trying to achieve 'global beach minimalist modern' in my 500-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn, New  York, and still have cash to fill the gas tank.

 Thanks for the chance to introduce myself. I look forward to meeting Haley's other guests.


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