Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Look I Love: Cat Eye Liner

Hi, I'm Haley, and I'm addicted to eyeliner. 

Perhaps it's because my eyes are so dark, or shaped in a way that shadow isn't as apparent as on others, but it's the step in my makeup routine that makes me look polished and I've mastered the thin black line that's just slightly thicker at the corners. (17 year old me practiced a lot!) 

However, I love any opportunity to kick it up a notch and emulate the queen of the cat-eye liner, Ms. Bardot:

Although, Taylor Swift is holding her own too!

To get this look, the liquid eyeliner pen is your best friend.  Don't be scared of it!  Just practice in front of the mirror with some eye makeup remover at your side and figure out just how thick and far you can take the wing without looking like you're in a music video.

As far as brands go, I've long been devoted to the MAC Penultimate Liner, but this past weekend I decided to try something new and my allegiance has changed!  Y'all, the Stila Stay All Day liner is amazing.  The tip stays rigid, allowing for a perfect cat-eye and lots more control.  Plus, it stays put all day and doesn't end up in the crease of your eyelid, which is a risk when you do a thicker line. 

What's your favorite brand?  I've not found a drugstore brand that doesn't bleed into my eye crease, even with primers, but I'm sure others would love to know!


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