Monday, February 18, 2013

Reader Request: Sightseeing Shoes

Good morning!  I hope all of you had a great weekend, or like me, are still enjoying it.  I'm planning to have a nice workout, do a little shopping, and try a new recipe for dinner.  Pretty wild!

Today I'm also excited to help Leanna, a reader who is planning a trip with New York City with her family and is looking for a good shoe to wear that has a bit of style, but is still comfortable.  I faced this same problem when I was planning my own vacation last year, and learned a very valuable lesson:  there is no magical stylish, all-day walking shoe, and you have to preserve your feet or your days will be ruined by blisters and complaining.  Seriously.

I stubbornly refused to accept that a day full of walking from morning to night required a substantial shoe, and spent lots of money on Italian band-aids and many hours in pain because of it.  And so, it is with a bit of defeat that I admit that if you're going to be doing touristy activities, you can't wear the same shoe as a local person who's doing a bit of shopping and then heading to the cafe.   However, this doesn't mean that you have to wear bulky cross trainers, either (but you should pack some, for safety!)

Here's what I will consider for my next trip:

All of the shoes above will look perfectly fine with slim, straight-leg dark jeans or cords, and should hold up well for active days.  However, I do not recommend Sperry boat shoes for a 4 hour walking tour (how dumb could I be?!).  Here's a quick outfit idea, if I were about to spend a long weekend in the city:

And, here are more packing lists from previous posts:

Bon Voyage, Leanna!


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