Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Refresher Course: Accessories Make the Outfit

Hello!  I don't have time for much of a post today, thanks to an impromptu dinner with clients who are in town without anyone to entertain them.  As I rushed to convert my usual casual outfit into something more befitting the occasion, I was reminded of just how important accessories can be in the business world.

If, like me, your company sells your time and expertise then looking nice and fitting in is super important.  However, nobody needs to run out and buy all new outfits for every meeting because you can completely change the tone of your look with shoes, jewelry and a purse.

Don't believe me?  Look:

The look on the left screams "business time", while the other suggests that you're a bit more creative and relaxed without being dressed down.  Even if you're not dressing for clients, the same philosophy also helps you get lots of wear out of your staple pieces.

What's your favorite way to jazz up an outfit?


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