Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Things Friday

I'm back! Remember me?  Sorry my little break turned into a long one, but it was nice to step away for a little while and enjoy my birthday week.  I am pleased to report that turning 30 is no big deal.  I didn't feel any different on Monday, and have been fielding lovely phone calls, texts, and emails all week.  I am very lucky, indeed.

Hopefully your week was equally as good!  But before the weekend starts, here are five things worth sharing on the internet:

1. Those who see me often know that I love me a statement necklace.  I exchanged a pair of Anthropologie sunglasses (that pinched my head) for this one, and it makes me happy. 

2.  Not only do I love August because it's my birthday month, but it's also when the September issues of my favorite magazines arrive in my mailbox.  Fall clothes are my favorite, though we don't get to wear them for long in Texas, and it's clear that bright greens are here to stay.  I'll be watching these Gap flats, since I typically have good luck with them (Pro tip: add a pad to the back of the heel) and the cap toe/suede combination is really cute.

3. Kyle says I can't have this haircut because I won't actually curl it like that very often and my hair is so thick that it will just hang.  He is right,  but it's so pretty that the rest of you should consider it if you have less hair and are less lazy than me.  

Also, Kyle is my hair stylist, not some sort of bossy tyrant.

4. I'm so enamored with this hairstyle that I'm going to go to Forever 21 and buy a headband like that and give it a shot.  It will probably fair miserably, but at least I'll have only spent $3.80.  (P.S. Target has some cute ones too but their website is a black hole of crap and I gave up on finding what I saw in the store.)

5. Now that our bathroom renovation is in the home stretch (you'll see it in a week or two) I am starting to think about some minor updates to our bedroom.  We desperately need to repaint our trim and repair a crack in our wall, and while we're at it I want to bring in a little more color.  I'm loving the tones of this room, especially since we have a big tan upholstered bed not unlike that sofa.  However, I probably won't add a renaissance painting up by the ceiling.

And with that, I bid you good weekend!

P.S. I'm looking for 5-6 guest bloggers to fill in while I'm in Europe.  If you think your style is a good fit for this audience, send me an email and I'll share more details.  Thanks!


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