Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday, internet!  I have had such a long week, and I'm even taking most of today off work to get ready for a baby shower and my upcoming trip.  I fantasize about time to kick back and read... but luckily I did find a few minutes to compile five things worth sharing on the internet:

1. I head to London on Wednesday, and would love any restaurant recommendations that all of you may have.  I've spent plenty of time in the city, but it's been five years since I last visited and I would love to know of some small, casual places to stop in for dinner.  Our flat is in St. Johns Wood, if that helps, but any neighborhood is fine!  Then, we head to Amsterdam on Monday, so we'll be needed to eat there as well.

Also, I like this font.

2. This color combination is one of my favorites, and not just because I'm a proud Texas Aggie.  It screams fall to me, and the pop of cheetah is perfect.  I will be copying her.

image via Damsel in Dior

3. I love how cheerful this room is.  If I ever have a little girl, I'll be taking cues from it.  It's feminine without being saccharine or too match-matchy.  

 image via Chalk White Arrow

4. I love Ellen Page.  I wish she lived in Dallas so that we could hang out with Alex Skarsgard and be best friends forever.  I'd be a big help when it comes to ditching that trucker hat.  I also love that she's not afraid to be a feminist - this interview was pretty interesting.

5. Finally, if you are a TV/Movie/Reading junkie like me, I want to make sure you are aware of the awesome that is  They have awesome interviews with the people who produce the things I like to watch, recap shows in a snarky manner (I may or may not be found discussing important topics like True Blood on the comment threads), and it's a great source for discovering new books and indie movies that aren't being featured everywhere.  Check them out!

See you next week!


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