Monday, August 5, 2013

Reader Request: Theme Park (Casual) Style

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend, and were able to avoid the terrible heat that's overtaking Texas these days.  However, sometimes going inside isn't an option, like if you're planning a trip to Disney World like my friend Jo Anna.

She asked me to help her plan a few outfits, and I was happy to put some thought into it because I think so many people either give up entirely and wear as little as possible, or go too far in trying to be stylish and end up with painful feet and impractical outfits.

I approached this request a few different ways:

1. All-American summer style: Think red, white and navy blue with classic accessories

2. If Taylor Swift went to a theme park:  There will be Keds, of course, and a ladylike peplum top and glam sunglasses

3. Sporty chic: A quirky t-shirt and bright patterned shorts goes nicely with comfortable tennis shoes

You'll notice that all three outfits feature breathable fabrics, and the shorts are long enough to be comfortable and keep your parts covered while you sit in plastic chairs recently vacated by lord knows who.  I only picked shoes with a good thick sole, and all can be worn with no show socks to avoid blisters.  Honestly, this is the most important part of the outfit.  It all depends on your feet, of course, but most people cannot stand around for hours in a shoe with no arch support and do it again the next day.

I also recommend a small cross-body bag to hold your money and sunscreen, and you can carry it on to most rides.  Seriously - don't forget the sunscreen!

Hopefully this was helpful!  If you have any suggestions for Jo Anna, leave a comment!


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