Monday, September 23, 2013

Dreaming of Fall Fashion

It's on weeks like this where I wish that Texas had a different climate.  We have a very short, blink and you'll miss it, fall season.  Although the temperatures aren't sweltering at the moment, traditional fall clothes are not comfortable to wear unless you want heatstroke.

However, a girl can dream! After a wild Friday night that included perusing a stack of catalogs and magazines, I've assembled my dream wardrobe for the fall season.  And since my style errs on the side of classic, I was happy to realize that I already own several pieces very similar to what I want to wear:

Can you tell I looked at the J.Crew fall look book?  This year I want to keep the classic style going with lots of navy, rich greens, grays, and blacks.  Although there are some aspirational pieces included here, I was excited to find some attainable options that I'll be trying on in the weeks to come, like these army green slim pants from Gap ($60 before the usual 30-40% off sales) and this drapey sweater from Hive & Honey ($69).  And I must say, if I were one to spend $168 on pants, it would be these leather trim tuxedo pants from J.Crew.

Is anyone else cursing their temperate climate?  What's your dream item for fall?


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