Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reader Request: Tights for Beginners

Today I'm excited to help Elizabeth, an Atlanta lady looking to incorporate tights into her fall and winter wardrobe.  I am hoping to do the same (maternity style) so this was a fun challenge, since the mild winters in Dallas and Atlanta give us lots of opportunities for outfits that wouldn't quite stand up to a snow day.

I think the key to styling tights is being open to layers, and keeping the tights a neutral color.  I know there are lots of people who can rock bright colors on their legs, but it's tough to keep the look from going juvenile and I lack that talent.  However, earlier this year I showed how some other ladies manage to do it and look great.

Now, here are my favorite options for beginners:

So, are you a tights devotee? Or do you wear pants as much as possible from October to March?


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