Friday, January 3, 2014

5 Things Friday

Wow, it's been a while since I compiled one of these posts!  It's good to be back.   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

1. While I was shopping for vintage maps this week, I came across this American Folklore map originally created by artist William Gropper in 1946.  I love the colors, and that it's so unique, so I bought an inexpensive poster print for Baby Cardigan's nursery where it will hang amidst vintage Spiderman pictures and a Hey Y'all print.  We like to mix things up!  (Note: this site is sort of strange, and it's not obvious that you can buy an unframed print for $18.  You need to play around with the default selections to get the price down)

2. Ever wondered how to make glitter letters or shapes in Photoshop?  Crissy over at a Berry Sweet Life breaks it down step by step and it seems pretty straightforward.  We could all make our own cards!

3.  Even though I'm slowly being limited to maternity clothes for the next couple of months, I can't resist checking out the sale items at LOFT and I feel compelled to let you know that they are BANANAS right now!  Extra 60% off, and depending on your store's selection, you can find lots of things things that are still in season.  Here are some of my favorites (including notes on fit, since I checked it all out in person):

Tipped Sweater Blazer: I found this to fit a bit long in the arms and it hit a bit lower than I like (I'm 5'4") so I got a petite size and it was perfect!  The material is thick and soft, and the cut is really elongating.

Cable Sleeve Jacket: This is a thick and soft, and looks super cute with jeans.  It's harder to wear if you have a large chest, but don't get it so large that it makes you look like a box.

Zip Shoulder Tunic:  This top is not as long as it looks on that model.  I am not tall, and even if I weren't pregnant it would not cover my behind.  That said, it's super cute with skinny jeans and I wore mine yesterday because it is also stretchy and soft.

Colorblock Top: The material is not thick, so don't be misled, but it's also not scratchy and fits normally.  Be careful washing it, though, since I can see it getting snagged by something else if you aren't really careful.

4. Since so many of us are making efforts to eat well at the moment, I thought I'd share this great post from The Copper Collective about how delicious and versatile zucchini chips can be.  I love them, and have never thought about trying chipotle spice before!

5. This made me smile because it's true.  As a cat-eye wearer, I can attest that sometimes it takes a little while to get the wing just right.

Happy weekend, ladies! 


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