Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall 2011 Boot Roundup!

It's officially boot season (according to me) and nobody is happier than I am.  I was thrilled to break out my beloved Corso Como boots from their summer home in the guest closet, and got to thinking about how lucky I am to have a great boot wardrobe thanks to my off-season shopping habits. However, the best selection is up for grabs right now and if you're in the market for boots, you're going to be amazed at the options.

In an attempt to make things a little easier, I've compiled some of my favorite options for this fall!  You can click through and see each individual pair and hopefully find what you need:

Brown boots

Black boots

Rain boots

What pair is your favorite?  I wear my black and brown riding boots to death from October to April, and can't recommend Corso Como enough.  I've literally walked miles (through London, in the rain) in mine and have not one complaint.  They're not cheap, but certainly not overpriced compared to other brands and really, boots aren't something you can skimp on and expect the world. 

Is anyone else as excited as me??


  1. I am so ready for boots! I just need the weather to help me out!

  2. Great boot assortment! I love that it's finally time to take the boots out again

  3. I'm totally excited! And I need to check out that brand - I can never find a really comfortable pair.

  4. I don't think excited really covers it for me! I can't wait to break out the boots...I'm going to have to check out Corso Como because I'm with you, boots are an investment piece! (c:

  5. i just bought some gorgeous guess wedge boots that i've been wearing nonstop...dang houston heat is giving me very warm legs! already added some new rain boots to the christmas list :)

  6. I've already busted out the boots too! My fave black ones are from Banana Republic from a few seasons ago. I've been so happy with the quality -- they still look and feel amazing. This year, I just got some cognac colored boots from Madewell. So far, I LOVE them.

  7. I am really pumped about boot season too! I've already worn my Fryes but am going to have to wait to wear the ones with the faux fur...

  8. I love love love those Hunter Low Heels in gold. I have Hunter boots that I wear whenever SF is rainy (which is a lot), but in basic black. I need the gold version for sure!

    I have tons of Corso Como shoes, but not boots, I will have to check those out!



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