Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday, ladies!  I hope everyone is gearing up for a fun weekend with friends and family.  I'm going to be assisting with 3 days of tile installation and finally starting to get my house put back together after weeks of disarray.  I'm so freaking excited - I've already started planning how to move my art around and maybe even relocate some of the furniture.

Last night I was excited to attend the Design Sponge event at West Elm in Dallas.  I didn't get to stay long, but Grace Bonney was a total sweetheart and one of the tiniest, cutest people ever!  I was so excited to get my book signed, and will always keep it proudly on my shelf.

While I was casually walking around West Elm before the signing and wishing I'd have convinced a friend to come with me, I couldn't help but notice that they're really stepping it up this season!  Here are some of the awesome things I saw today:

Realistically, I'll probably come home with the wreath and maybe the quilt, but I love the mid-century inspired theme in this year's collection.  What's your favorite piece?  

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be sure to post some progress pictures of my new floor next week - wish us luck!


  1. Definitely wishing you luck on the project finish up this weekend! And WE really is stepping it up, there is more than a dozen drool-worthy items that I happen to be lusting after right now (c:



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