Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Looking Sharp in Pencil Skirts

I couldn't resist the silly post title today!  But all kidding aside, when it comes to work wear, there are few choices more universally appropriate and flattering than the pencil skirt.  It's no secret that I like them, even though I was late to the party and only got my first in 2010, and then didn't wear it until this summer.

There are tons of black and gray options at every store you visit, but I love a skirt with a little something special.  I can't wait to grow my own collection to include saturated hues, prints, and unique textures like lace and brocade.  Here are some of my favorites available right now on the internets:

Pencil Skirts - Fall 2011

So many of these options can be instantly sexy and evening appropriate when you pair them with a dressy top and heels.  Notice the celebrities doing it:

Are you on Team Pencil Skirt yet?   If not, why not?!


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