Friday, October 28, 2011

New Found Necessity: Leopard Scarf

Happy Friday!  This week has been long, hard, and tiring.  I have hardly had time for my little blog, let alone visiting others, and I hate it.  I miss you, internet friends!!  I promise I'm not being a snobby non-commenter.  I'll be better next week. 

I even found myself stress shopping at lunch because I just wanted something to be happy about on a crappy day at work.  However, one good thing did come of that bad habit - I realized how much I would wear a leopard print scarf if only I had one.  Can you believe that I don't?!

Here are some options I found:

leopard scarves

And some ways to wear them:

With color!

Source: via Haley on Pinterest


Layered with a dress

Like Rachel Bilson

With classic silhouettes

On the weekend

In the summer

This is clearly one of the most versatile pieces of fabric you can drape yourself with.  I will keep looking for the right one that I can buy in person, but I may just break down and order that Topshop version -the color and scale of the print is just what I want.

In other leopard news, I finally broke down and got the BR leopard flats I've been pining for thanks to an in-store sale plus additional 30% off for card holders.  I'm happy to report that they're as comfortable as all get out and my friends will be tired of seeing them.

Banana Republic flat

Banana Republic flat   (see more ballerina flats)

Are you a leopard-holic like me?  What's your favorite piece to wear?


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