Friday, October 7, 2011

Things Worth Buying - October 2011

Happy Friday!!  It's been a crazy week here in my life, and I can't wait for a weekend with friends and family (and without painting any walls). 

Even though it's Friday, I've decided to start a new occasional series of things I've deemed worth buying according to my highly subjective criteria and cheapskate tendencies.  Here's my latest of list of wants and things I would agree that you need:

Gap Slim Cropped Ultra-Luxe Pants
I bought these last week and love the fit and how much I'm going to wear them with cute flats and heels until it gets really cold.  The material is super thick and sturdy (and very forgiving) and you can stack coupons at Gap like I did.

Elle Ruffle Chiffon Blouse (Kohl's)
I haven't bought this yet, but I'm going to!  It looks luxe in person, and so similar to much more expensive blouses that I've seen for $80 at certain stores with a fruit in the name.
West Elm Striped Sheet Set
I've always been a fan of the Draper bedding by DwellStudio, and just got really excited to see this new pattern of sheets from West Elm for much less.  My favorite colorways are navy and gray (of course) and I can't wait to find them on sale and layer them with my new white quilt.

MAC Penultimate Liner
I wear a thin line of black eyeliner to work every day and this is the best kind I've used in my 15 years of makeup wearing.  It goes on smoothly, stays on, and is worth every penny of $17.50

Sabine Tortoise Bangle (Piperlime)
One thing I rarely invest in is non-metal jewelry.  I'm sure Michael Kors uses the best plastic available, but most people can't tell the difference between a $125 tortoise bangle and a the $20 variety like this one.  Plus, this one has a hinge for tiny wristed people like me.
  So - what's on your shopping list for October?  Is there something you deem worth buying that I've missed?


  1. i love the color and shape of the blouse. they were selling one at old navy that was similar but i never got the chance to scoop it up :(

  2. Agreed! They are all must haves!

  3. Love your fall must-have list!! I live by the cropped black ankle pants...I have a couple pairs of jcrew minnie. They are the best and I love the cropped pant look with a pair of flats! Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  4. Can I have one of everything?! Love all of your choices. Those sheets are especially cute! xoxo

  5. I love a great deal just as much as the next person, but there are definitely some things that it's just worth splurging (or coupon stacking, whatever!) for the quality stuff! Have a great weekend, Miss Haley!

  6. I have those West Elm sheets. They're fabulous quality and make the perfect statement! You can't really go wrong with stripes:) Thanks for the tip about the MAC eyeliner. I can't wait to try it. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. totally agree: plastic jewelry, and will have to check out that MAC eyeliner. There's a sort of chevron grey sheet set i'm really wanting.


  8. I too am a cardigan junkie:) found your blog from another blog, and love what you have going on, am a new follower.

  9. definitely want the gap pants!! i would wear the heck out of those things.

  10. I love those sheets! I'm going to have to consider those!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my guest post on Aubrey's blog this week!

  11. Love it! Think I might have to swing by Kohl's tomorrow. Pretty sure I have some Kohl's Cash somewhere around here...

  12. Whoa! $30 is a REALLY great price for those pants!

  13. I love those trousers and have many pairs! Also, I need the MAC eyeliner. Badly. Fantastic reminder.

    I have bamboo sheets from West Elm that I swear get softer every time we wash them. Best store for bedding ever!



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