Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY Holiday Wreaths

I can't wait to have time to do a good DIY project. I really enjoy sitting and focusing on one thing, probably since it's such a huge departure from my everyday work where I'm constantly jumping from task to task.  This past month has been really busy for me (as you can tell from my lack of internet interaction besides writing blog posts twice a week) and my plan to create a cute wreath for my house this year is unlikely to come to fruition this month unless I can pull it together this weekend.

However, that shouldn't stop the rest of you from getting inspired and making something pretty and personal for your home.  Here are some of my favorite options that I had good intentions of creating myself:

Source: via Randall on Pinterest

I think I'll be most likely to pick up a big tube of small round ornaments and affix them to a foam wreath from Michael's.  Has anyone tried this before?  Is it really the one hour, glue gun project that I'm picturing in my head?

P.S. Tonight is the LOFT event at in Dallas, and I'm really excited to meet some of you in person!  Please don't be shy and introduce yourself - I'll be the one dressed head to toe in LOFT Holiday 2011  :)


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