Monday, December 5, 2011

Reader Request: Comfortable Work Shoes

Hello lovelies!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I was a Christmas shopping fiend and managed to get about 80% of my gift buying out of the way before a Sunday night movie marathon where I watched Love Actually and The Holiday as I do each year before Christmas. 

I will admit that this reader request post is a long time coming, but I was really happy to finally sit down and scout out some comfortable shoe options for my friend Kelly, who is a newly graduated pharmacist and spends 8 hours a day on her feet.  She wants some cute shoe options that will look nice with her work pants, and I think I found some good candidates.  In my opinion, a sturdy wedge or heel 3 inches or less can be as comfortable as a ballet flat if it offers the right support for your foot and doesn't squeeze your toes.  Hopefully these shoes help Kelly expand her options, and she can start with basic black and then work in some unexpected prints and other hues:

work shoes

If you have a shopping question that you'd like some help solving, feel free to send me a note at cardiganjunkie at gmail dot com.  I love helping out and it's free!


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