Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Style I Love: Dressing like a Duchess

Like everyone else on the internets, I adore The Duchess of Cambridge's personal style.  I love that she dresses like a normal person, and never seems overdressed for the occasion or lets the outfit wear her.  2011 has obviously been a huge year for Duchess Catherine, and she has debuted some great looks:

Sleek coat and scarf

Amazeballs Jenny Packham gown

A slew of sheath dresses

Regular girl jeans and cardigans (like me!)

Jackets with dresses and belts (Also like me!  We'd totally be friends.)

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Kelly green DVF dress

And since we all seem to be in agreement that her style is worth imitating, I decided to put together a little collection of Kate-inspired pieces that she might choose if she were on a sightly more common budget:

Kate's Closet

I'm loving that blazer, and have a similar pair of earrings that I love wearing with classic outfits.  What would you wear if you toured the world with your handsome husband while everyone speculated about your potential pregnancy?

Soapbox Time:  Please note that I did not refer to The Duchess as Kate Middleton because that is not her name.  She got a new name when she got married, and as a recently married person myself, I know it's annoying when people don't use it.  Let's try to be correct for my future BFF.


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