Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reader Request: For Wedding Guests with Large Chests

I don't know about you, but the long weekend was not long enough for me.  However, it was great and I enjoyed some time with my mom, some shopping (hello Kate Spade watch of my dreams!) and an afternoon at the shooting range with my friend Erin (of Little e) and our men.

Now, I'm happy to help out fellow blogger Jaime of South on Broadway as she searches for a dress to wear to a wedding in late September.  Jaime, like me, is pretty boobtastic and so that makes shopping more challenging.  Strapless dresses are risky, spaghetti straps are pretty inadequate, low necklines are much more risque than on other people, and it goes without saying that going braless isn't an option.  However, I know this scenario well and hope that these ideas will help Jaime find a dress she can wear while dancing all night without worrying about adjusting it.

wedding guests with large chests: cutouts

See another option, and my advice after the jump...

 I love cutouts around the neck of a dress because they're not commonplace, but still show a sexy peek of skin that makes the dress an evening piece and not office wear (please don't wear these to work).  You can wear either a normal bra, or a very supportive long line instead of a bandeau that offers little in the way of support.  My favorite strapless bra is actually from a bridal store, where you can get bustiers for under $40. (I got this one for $30 and it has held up like a champ since 2008!)

wedding guests with large chests: one shoulder

I also really like one-shoulder dresses (with the long line bra above) as an alternative to strapless options since most of them don't offer the support needed to avoid "the hoist" at some point in the evening.  However, one-shoudler dresses cannot creep south throughout the evening, and are still a bit less common than strapless and spaghetti strap styles.  I find them a bit more forgiving, since they cover more skin, and make lovely photos (especially if you stand with your bare shoulder up against your date).

Another critical trait of the ideal dress is a defined waist.  When you have a large chest, any sort of billowy dress sparks lots of "is she pregnant?" thoughts among mothers eager for such news.  You'll see the options above all emphasize the hourglass shape that we large chested ladies are lucky to have, and the color palettes are all perfectly acceptable for fall, as well.  At risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll reiterate the jewel tones work year round, and I also like elegant prints as a way to mix things up. 

Hopefully this was helpful to Jaime - and you!  If you have a shopping dilemma, send me an email and I'll try to help out. 


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