Friday, May 3, 2013

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday, internet! This week has been a beating, but it's almost over and I can't wait to relax and get some things accomplished around my house.  We're having a never seen before (ever) cold snap in Texas, and I plan to soak up the last bit of chilly weather before it gets outrageously hot later this month. 

Until then, here are five things worth sharing on the internet:

1. This necklace definitely has a Gatsby-esque vibe, and it's only $24.90!  Love!

2. I fell in love with this house tour on Design Sponge, and it made me want to move my sunburst mirror over the mantel right away.

3. I literally squealed with excitement (at my desk) when I discovered that Hygge & West is now offering my favorite wallpapers in 24x32" removable (and reusable!) panels.  This is what we'll be using in the bathroom renovation... once we actually start it and I quit changing my mind about color schemes.

 two of my favorite patterns from Julia Rothman and Oh Joy

4. I got this tee for $6 at Gap (in store, but it's cheap online too) and I love it as much as my other soft luxe jersey tees.  I'm a big fan of the drapey tee and shorts combination, so I'll definitely get my moneys worth!  (pro tip: size down)

5. I want these sandals, but I don't want to pay $49.90 for them.  First world problem, indeed.

/////////////////// New Girl Spoiler Geek Out ///////////////////

Nick and Jess!  Squeeee!  "Ruh roh"!  Fat Schmidt!  Mick Jagger!  "Stay" by Lisa Loeb!   "Her nurse hat was in her purse"!  


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