Thursday, May 23, 2013

Covering Your Bases: Best of Swim Coverups

We all know it's important to find a swimsuit that you feel great in.  (I shared my favorites here)  However, it's sort of silly to cover your awesome suit in some ratty old workout shorts when you could keep looking great while you eat your barbeque and head to the bar.  Or dance to your old school boom box by the pool, as I often do:

La Blanca tunic via Nordstrom

Luckily, there are tons of great swimsuit coverup options, and you don't need to get crazy and spend a lot of money.  I've picked a few of my favorites that won't break the budget, or make you miserably hot like all of the sweaters (wtf??)  that my favorite magazine editors seem to think are a great option for the beach in the heat:

LOFT  |  asos  |  old navy  |  LOFT  |  asos

What do you like wearing for a coverup?  Know of any hidden gems that we should consider?


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