Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Annual Swimsuit Post (For Hips and Boobs!)

Yeah, I typed "boobs" in the title of my blog post.  Ha! 

Today, I'm excited to post about a subject near and dear to my heart - dressing your curves!  As someone with lots of boob and hip, I can attest that shopping for a swimsuit can be really hard.  Realizing that the vast majority of suits at Target aren't going to decent on you really messes with your head, and there's nothing worse than jumping into the water as your breasts jump out of your top.

You know, there's also a lot to be said for keeping your bits covered, besides common decency... it's also pretty sexy:

image source unknown - please share if you know!

Marilyn knew what was up...

If your shape falls into the pear, apple, or hourglass category you'll want to look for sturdy fabrics, underwires, and suits with enough fabric on the hips and along the sides of the bust to maintain a smooth curve on your body.  I know that many magazines recommend string styles that can be adjusted to fit, but in my experience, these suits work best for sunbathing and not actual swimming and running around with your friends at the beach/lake.  So, I'm sorry, you'll find no teeny bikinis here!

A good suit is an investment that you'll be glad you made, but if you don't have much to spend, that's fine too.  I found options ranging from $24 to over $100! 

Check out the suits after the jump!

As you can see, I'm a big fan of the vintage look!  I personally wear the Bathing Beauty suit made by Esther Williams and could not recommend it more.  The fabric is very thick so you still feel covered when it's wet, and the halter top and bra top keep the girls lifted.  I've had my suit for three summers, and it still looks great, which makes the $89 price worth it to me.  (P.S. Read some of the 500+ reviews and take the advice on sizing from someone of your height and body type - I had to go up a size from my usual and my suit fit perfectly)

I also have a bikini top made by Aerin Rose, master of the hidden underwire.  These tops aren't cheap either, but extremely well constructed and sized like a bra.  However, a classic black top can be mixed with other bottoms like the styles from J.Crew that come in such fun prints.

So - do you know any great sources for swimsuits that flaunt your curves?  Share them in the comments!  Good luck shopping!!


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