Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Upholstered Beds on the Brain - Help Me Pick!

Hi internet!  Sorry for the silence yesterday, but I got busy and then it was time for Game of Thrones.  I have priorities, you know.

Anyway, my husband and I are now about to be the proud owners of a king size Tempur-Pedic mattress, and we have no bed frame for it.  In an effort to minimize the weeks spent on a box spring on the floor, I've been frantically deciding what sort of bed to buy and have decided a neutral upholstered option is the way to go. 

Look how pretty:

 image via Rue Magazine

 image via Lonny

 image via Lonny

image via Rue Magazine

image via Rue Magazine

I do have one problem, though... I'm scared to spend $1200 on a bed without seeing it.  So far, the Jacqueline bed from Z Gallerie is the front runner, but we may need something a little taller.  West Elm is an option too, but I'm not willing to pay $1700 for anything from Crate and Barrel, and options at Macy's don't have enough positive feedback for me to risk a purchase. 

So, has anyone else found a great upholstered bed (not just a headboard) that they love?   Any leads on something like the bed above?  Help me, internet!


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