Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reader Request: Bedroom Makeover

Ok y'all, I've never claimed to be a decorator.  However, I often wish I'd taken that career path and sometimes people ask me to help them design rooms and I love it.  It happened again this week, and I was really excited to help my friends Leslie and Gef begin decorating their bedroom.  They currently live in a rental house in Tampa, so they're limited in what updates they can make to the room itself, but the walls are a soft gray and Leslie wants the room to be soothing, but not boring or stark.

They asked me to pretend the room was for me, since they like the feel of mine and N's house, and I had a lot of fun dream decorating (on a real life budget)!  And since I have fairly mainstream taste, I thought a few of you may enjoy it too - enjoy!


Texas print // lion and car prints (Janet Hill Studio) // scuba print (Matte Stephens) // Target sunburst mirror 1 and 2 // LOVE print // custom dates print

  P.S.  Since Gef is a brain scientist, I couldn't resist including these prints that Leslie hasn't seen yet!


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