Monday, April 22, 2013

Who wears short shorts? Not me!

If you can believe it, I did not wear shorts in public from about 2008-2011.  I don't have inner thigh clearance (at all) and I didn't like how normal 3" inseams looked on my legs.  So, rather than try different styles, I just wore jeans and skirts.  Genius, right? 

Luckily, I soon discovered that all I needed was a couple more inches of inseam, and to be ok with sizing up (because tight shorts look good on almost nobody, and going up 1-2 sizes is totally normal) and I was in business!  I also am well aware that I should not be trying to dress like I'm 23 again, so mid-length shorts feel a bit more classy on my shape.

Here's how I wear mine:

In the event that you are in the market for 4-5" inseam shorts, I did a lot of shopping and found some options ranging from $15 on up to $60 - sure to suit every body and budget:

second row:  Nordstrom  /   Nordstrom  /  Lands End Canvas  /  Old Navy

top row:  The Limited  /  LOFT  /  LOFT  /  LOFT  /  LOFT
second row:  Banana Republic  /  Banana Republic  /  Gap  /  Gap (still in store)  /  The Limited



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