Friday, April 12, 2013

5 Things (About Me) Friday

I have always loved reading the old chain emails where people would answer tons of questions about themselves, and I have enjoyed the five things about me theme that's been sweeping the blogosphere lately.  And since I've had an insane week and haven't discovered much to share, I decided to post five silly things you probably don't know about me.

Here we go!

1. Ever since I was about 9, I dreamed of living in England.  I started practicing my fake accent sometime around 1992, and am actually really good at it now, especially after a summer in London during college.  Sometimes I bust it out in public where nobody knows me (like in a store) just to practice.  I've also gotten most of my work team in the habit of answering the phone in a cheerful Brit accent because we are strange.

see the pin here , source unknown

2. When I was about 3-4, I had a pet cow named Kristy and I thought that was the most beautiful name in the whole world.  Then my dad sold off all his cows and I didn't realize until I was much older that she probably ended up as a steak.

3. I can pick all kinds of things up and pinch people with my toes.  It is awesome and kind of gross.  (I'm not going to post of picture of my feet, don't worry.)

4. I never had a serious boyfriend until I was 25, and I married him.  I had lots of flings, and tons of first dates, but no relationship longer than 6 months until I met N.  That said, I have some great online dating stories, including a guy who constantly restated what I said with the word "Gotcha" tacked onto the end.  Think "Oh, you work in Marketing, gotcha" and "So you're from the Houston area, gotcha." 

5.  I don't know anyone with hair thicker than mine.  My ponytail is the circumference of the space between my index finger and the tip of my thumb and on more than one occasion, a ponytail holder has snapped and flown across the table when I've been in a meeting at work.  I can't take morning showers because drying my hair takes so long that I'd have to get up at dawn, which is the main reason why I didn't play sports in school. 

there's no bump-it in my hair... I have that much.

Now, that's enough about me.  I'd love to learn from things about all of you!  Do tell in the comments!


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