Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!  It's finally here - this week seemed to drag on forever, and I never want to make a financial chart again.  Too bad that's a big part of my (marketing) job.  Sigh.  Although I've been super busy, I did have time to scrounge up 5 things worth sharing on the internet:

1.  I find this to be true, even if the thing you truly love is a pair of red wooden shoes that your grandma bought you in 1989.  They'll be on display in my house forever.

see the pin here

2.  I was excited to see this super chic chair on Pinterest (via the Tresor Emporium shop on Etsy) since classic but ugly chairs are all over Craigslist and I love how modern the chair looks with the right color paint on the seat and back.

see the pin here

3. This week's recipe I'm trying is this lemon blueberry bread made with greek yogurt.  You can check out the recipe over at A Bitchin Kitchen.  Perhaps my husband will like it?  He's not a fan of sweets, if you can believe it, but lemon and blueberry are his favorite flavors.

see the pin here

4. If you were not already aware, Joni Lay over at Lay Baby Lay is a nursery decor genius.  Genius, I say!!  Her first daughter's nursery was all over Pinterest, and she's since had a second little girl with equally sweet digs.  I'd move in tomorrow and I'm 29.

5. Isn't it amazing how leopard makes anything just a bit fancier?  This is the most casual of outfits, but the clutch takes it up a notch and made it pin-worthy.  It works with shoes, scarves, and belts too!

And with that, I bid you good weekend.  And please, if you are inclined to do so,  send prayers to those in Boston and West, TX after such a terrible week in our country.


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