Friday, May 24, 2013

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday! I hope all of you had a great week and are gearing up for a long weekend full of sun (and sunscreen!), good food, and friends.  I know I will be!

Until then, here are five things worth sharing on the internet:

1. This week I spent a lot of time restyling our living room and moving our artwork around.  I also replaced our coffee table and got new pillow covers made for the sofa.  I'm excited to take some pictures and share, but until then I wanted to pass along an amazing source for artwork.  We Are 1976 is the cutest boutique and they have so many great, affordable prints! If you're in Dallas, you should visit in person, but they have an online store as well.

I picked up these two pieces (Eclipse and Rain Shadow) by Cathy McMurray and they coexist nicely with my Charley Harpers.  Now I'm excited to collect more of her prints (also on Etsy)!

2.  Another one of this week's activities was my attempt at hacking an Ikea Rast chest and making a cute end table.  Last me tell you, it did not go very well.  I wanted to stain the top and sides a reddish brown a la my favorite mid-century pieces.  So I busted out the Minwax and went to town in the backyard.  Unfortunately, only the tabletop and kick plate took the stain properly and the sides were a hot mess.  Then I tried to paint over the ugly stain and assembled the chest anyway, but the only adjective that came to mind was "cheap".    ... here is the look I was going for.  May all of you have better luck than me.

3. Who else watches Call the Midwife?  I love it so much.  I especially love Sister Bernadette and loved finding this picture of her out of the habit.  (Mild spoiler alert:  Oh my gosh the finale made me cry and collapse on the couch with happiness!):
4.  I have long admired Osborne & Little's Coronata Star wallpaper, but at about $200/roll it's a big investment.  However, I was thrilled to see this project from Kristen F. Davis involving paint and stencils.  Much cheaper!  It could also be achieved with silver contact paper and a Cricut!

5.  True Blood comes back in 23 days!


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