Thursday, May 20, 2010

Deal of the day: Gap Silk Blend V-Neck

Today's Shop It To Me sale mail had a lot of great stuff in it, but the thing that made me click 'add to cart' without hesitation were the Gap Silk-Blend V-Neck sweaters (in 9 colors) for $14.99.  I know, the last thing you want to buy in late May is a sweater, but these are not thick and they're perfect for fall and winter if you don't trudge through snow all day.  (And if you do, you could wear them in the spring?)

Anyway, I have a black sweater and snagged two more for $28.  They run a little big, so go down a size, but I wouldn't pass these up if you know you'll be needing to add to your wardrobe in 4 months.  I wear them with dark jeans, work trousers, and my dark denim pencil skirt.  They're basically a blank, flattering, canvas for statement necklaces and bracelets.

And while I'm talking about Gap... what is the deal with the whole Little House on the Prairie meets Hobo theme this month?  I know my style is not for everyone, but there are few places you can rock these outfits without getting some odd looks.


  1. I picked up the silk blend v-neck for $7.99 on final sale on Friday!



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