Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More difficult than I thought...

This Sunday N and I went to the Haverty's clearance outlet to look at the Chastain sectional and ended up leaving with a new dining room table.  (We're probably going to get the sofa, in case you're wondering)

I've been couch hunting for a month and eying this particular model for about 2 weeks.  This is a planned purchase that I've been saving for.  The table, on the other hand, was a complete impulse buy.   It's a great size and shape and is expandable in case we have a big party, and for $129 we jumped at the chance to replace our current tables. (Image below is the counter height version)

But now we need chairs.  I don't want it to look like we tried and failed to match the wood, and I don't want our house to look like an Ashley Furniture catalog.  So, my thought is to go modern/eclectic and  get something in a different style than the table.  I've been browsing online retailers and my collection of decorating magazines, and apparently it's all the rage but I'm really struggling.  If you haven't shopped for them recently, know that chairs are Expensive.  Note the capital E.

My favorite options so far are from Crate and Barrel, Z Gallerie, West Elm, World Market, and Overstock.

Tell me, decorators of the internet, which chairs do you think are worth saving up for? 


  1. Top right if the fabric is easily cleanable. 2nd from the top on left is my 2nd choice. Good luck!

  2. I vote for the one on the top right as well. The darker fabric will be easier to keep clean and is still neutral enough to be worked into another room if you are hosting a shower and need extra seating somewhere else.

  3. I'm kind of digging the wicker looking one... However N will probably say they aren't comfortable. :)

  4. I love the top right option too, but they're $399 each at Crate and Barrel. :( It looks like I could get something similar to the first option for about $130 each but I don't like it as much. Good call on the extra seating, Katherine. I didn't think of that...

    The wicker ones are actually the cheapest by far, but I worry that they'll leave marks on people's legs if they aren't wearing long pants.

    This is hard, I tell ya!

  5. I'm not sure how formal you want to go, but I bought a dark wood dining table on super sale from Crate and Barrel and really struggled to find chairs I liked to match. I ended up getting 6 of the West Elm scoop back chairs in solid white, but they have some fun patterns out now too:

    I love them. They are not too formal and surprisingly comfortable. Plus cheap, compared to everything else I found. It makes my dining room look modern without being too matchy-matchy.

  6. I'd need to see the space you're in to be able to pick the correct chairs. Care to post some "before" pics for us? Your couch looks very big, so the chairs should be smaller-scale to balance it out. I'm thinking the chair at the bottom left is the most up-market looking of the bunch.

    How do you feel about getting 2 of those bottom left beige chairs as head chairs, and then going with another style of chair for the 4 remaining chairs; something wood & Chippendale style with a more streamlined look?

    Like these:

    Or you could also do a wood Chippendale loveseat for 2 chairs, 2 wood Chippendale chairs, plus 2 bottom left beige chairs. (Did that make sense?) ;)

  7. We may be short on money, but we sure have lots of space to fill. The couch will be pretty far from the dining table with a weird empty spot to spare.

    I'll take some photos once I start trying to figure out where everything needs to go. I love the modern options, but I expect some resistance... ;-)



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