Saturday, May 15, 2010

Your opinions, please...

As you may know, I'm getting married in 133 days.  My budget is limited, and the guest list keeps growing.  That means I need to make some cuts, and so far one of the easiest areas to cut out is flowers, but I don't want to have barren tables.

So even though this is a shopping blog and not for wedding planning, please humor me, and let me know if this is a terrible idea.

So far my tables will use the free linen at my venue (black with white overlay) and then an apple green runner that I purchased for $2.60 each at

My original plan was to have a low arrangement of white hydrangeas in the center along with white candles in square glass votives.   Like this (pretend there are votives around it):

However, my thought it that I can make the candles the star of the table to save money, and only include a very small floral element.  Glass vases of all sizes are free at my venue, and I could use floating candles at different levels for some interest and then place a very small arrangement amongst the vases. 

Do you think that will look ok?  By doing the second option, I won't be using a florist for any of the table decorations and can buy hydrangeas in bulk and then clip the stems and place 1-2 in the 5 inch square vases.  Obviously I'll need to do a trial run, but I'm pretty sure that this is my new plan.

Whatcha think?


  1. I like the small arrangement and multi-level candles option. That way you have both flowers and candles, but with more emphasis on the light, which is more romantic, and for those of us whose eyes are fading, helpful. =)

  2. We had a mirror tile under our centerpieces, and with your candles, that might look really pretty. You can use the same stones that are inside the candles around them on the table to give the appearance of a larger centerpiece. Maybe? I'm no pro. You don't even HAVE to have the flowers. Would still be so pretty without them.

  3. I think it's a great idea and most of your guests won't care if there's not a fancy-schmancy floral arrangement on their table. There are so many ways to save money at a wedding and having less flowers is a great way to do it.

    For our wedding, we did a lot of potted plants. The centerpieces were actually pots of cat grass that I grew from seeds. They were surrounded with candles that I made. Around the reception were huge clusters of pots of hostas, that were re-purposed in my parents' garden afterward. My cats enjoyed the grass for many weeks after as well. The only spot where we had a florist arrangement was on the head table.

  4. I agree with the above - We had mirrors with candle light as the main feature. I think we had hurricane vases with smaller votives around. I definitely think you can get around having a big floral arrangement.

  5. This sounds a little odd, but my cousin used fruit in her centerpiece instead of flowers. I don't remember if it was dried/fake fruit or real, but I remember it looking really cool! (it was about 7 years ago, so the details are a little fuzzy.)

  6. I had an October wedding, and we used inexpensive pumpkins, gourds, wheat, & berry branches for the centerpieces. We used a florist to put it all together on our shoestring budget.

    I don't like anything too contrived like ice sculptures and big floral extravaganzas. Love your ideas.



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