Monday, May 10, 2010

Dresses for wedding season

Whether you're a guest or the bride, early summer means you'll probably be attending at least one wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, or wedding.  I've begun looking for unique, flattering options and think I've found a few worth trying on.  And yes, some of these cost a bit more than I usually spend but I just couldn't resist...

Ann Taylor LOFT Print Dress with Beaded Necklace
All dresses at LOFT are 40% off right now (Sunday evening), so if you like this, order it and then worry about keeping it.  I like the blue print with gold trim, but am not sure how the shape will look on a curvy frame. 

Lands End Canvas Pleat Front Dress
I ordered this dress in navy to see how it fits, but I like the silhouette and the pleats.  I originally wanted the yellow, but I am being practical because I think I'll get more wear out of the blue.  The dress also comes in white, which would be would be cute if you are changing into another outfit to leave the wedding reception, but definitely wouldn't work if you're going to be a guest.

Lands End Canvas Eyelet Shift Dress
This dress also comes in navy, but you can't see the texture as well.  I love the simplicity of this dress and it would be cute with fancy sandals and fun jewelry for weddings and showers, or for going out to dinner this summer.  (This too would be a cute dress for leaving the reception.)

The Limited Embroidered Print Dress
This dress has a bit of fiesta-ness to it, which I like for a casual gathering or an outdoor wedding and reception. 

Charter Club Beaded Linen Sheath
I love the coral color of this dress, and how summery it looks.  However, beware of the linen.  There's nothing like riding 30 minutes to a wedding and looking like you slept in your dress by the time you get there.

Fossil Crystal Dress
If you can rock a strapless cotton dress, I think this is one to consider.  I love the graphic print, but it also comes in solid pink.  I think it would look great with a big necklace and strappy sandals for a daytime wedding.

London Times Sleeveless Empire Waist Dress
This dress is pretty casual, but I like it for a shower or rehearsal dinner this summer

Atelier Sleeveless Drape Front Dress
This dress is really basic, but it could be dressed up with the right jewelry and look cute for a casual event.  I like the poppy color, but the bright blue is pretty too. 

Dana Buchman Embroidered Chambray Dress
I think this would look nice with some chandelier earrings and high heels to offset the classic shape. 

JCP Burnout Dot Empire Dress
For $29, this is worth trying on to see if you kinda like it.  It also comes in white.

Boden Textured Cotton Shift
You too, can dress like Michelle Obama. 

Boden Easygoing Silk Dress
I love that this has sleeves and a silhouette that could be accented with statement jewelry and heels, but also worn with flat sandals for a daytime event.

Boden Fun Dress
The name fits, no?  I love these so much, and you'd definitely make a statement!


  1. I'm in love with the Lands End pleated dress and the Boden Fun dress in petrol.

  2. I'm sad to report that the Lands End pleated dress is not worth $89.50. Mine arrived today and it is going back to Sears. The fabric is very thin and will require lots of ironing for it to not look wrinkled.

    I was expecting really superior quality for that price, and it's just not made any better than a $40 dress. The fit was true to size, though, so if they ever have a sale and it's cheap, you may like it.



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