Thursday, May 13, 2010

If only these didn't need to be washed...

I will admit that along with being lazy with makeup, I'm also lazy with laundry.  I don't mean to, but I've been known to throw a dry clean only shirt into the wash and forget to put fancy tops into lingerie bags.  That means that I am not allowed to have any of the shirts below, as cute and versatile as I think they are.  They can go to work under a blazer, to dinner with dark jeans, and to Target on Saturday with a cute pair of shorts.

If you're more responsible than me, you should check out the tanks below:

Old Navy Seed Beaded Tank

Old Navy Metallic Embellished Rib Knit Tank

Fossil Hannah Sequined Tank

Ann Taylor LOFT Beaded Applique Tank

Ann Taylor Loft Floral Beaded Tank

Ann Taylor LOFT Embellished Cotton Silk Shell

The Limited Zipper Flower Halter

The Limited Wooden Front Halter Top



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