Friday, May 21, 2010

Who knew?

I know I've posted about the JCPenney Home and Furniture department before.  There are well-priced, trendy items amongst the ornate/country stuff and you can find Crate and Barrel lookalikes for about half the price.

If you didn't heed my recommendation then, you should this week since there is so much great stuff on sale and you can get an extra 10% off of furniture this weekend with the Friends & Family event (google it).

I really like this dining set, and plan to drag N to the store to prove that it's not weird looking and a steal for $499 since it includes 6 chairs.

I also like this build your own desk unit if you've got a home office and need some storage.  It looks like the whole wall unit below is about $1000, but you wouldn't necessarily need such to build such a huge piece.

I actually have the headboard below, and I love it.  The padded backing is so great for leaning back and reading books, and it's on sale for $265.  I've used it with both red and blue themed bedding and it looks great.

 I also like the look of ladder shelves, though I've heard you definitely need to use the bolts that come taped to the box and secure them to the wall.  This one is only $99 (three are shown) and I think they'd look great displaying my giant collection of books.

The media stand below is also a steal at $174, and will look much better than the metal and glass eyesores at Best Buy.

 Hopefully I'm not the only furniture-crazy person lately and someone takes advantage of the deals I have to pass up.  :)


  1. JCP is a great source for furniture bargains. Word to the wise though about dark wood furniture (& also dark-wood floors): it is beautiful and in vogue right now but unfortunately it shows every speck of dust like nobody's business. I wish I had known that before we bought a dark wood TV cabinet. Yikes!

  2. Don't I know it... the fiance wanted black bedroom furniture and I gave in. The dust drives me crazy and I wipe it down every week!



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