Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby gift du jour: Muji's City in a Bag

Since every third person I know is expecting a child or raising a baby, I've paid a lot of attention to baby gift options this year.  I don't like buying things that will quickly get outgrown and tend to shy away from anything emblazoned with movie characters.  Also, I can't spend much on everyone but feel compelled to buy presents for every little person entering the world.  Enter this great $14 gift:

Muji sells these great block sets featuring landmarks in London, Paris, and Tokyo.  I know that babies can't play with the blocks yet and might swallow the tiny trees, but these sets come in little drawstring bags and can be safely displayed up high until Junior is old enough not to eat them. 

And I'm not gonna lie... I want the London set for myself.  ;-)


  1. These are so cute! Would make great gifts for kids - or even me! I love the London set too!

  2. Coming from the mother of a one-year-old, that's a great gift.

    I'm partial to the city of Paris, myself.



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