Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"I could do that!" (DIY Yarn Wreaths)

A few weeks ago I saw some fun, handmade yarn wreaths posted by the ladies at Tipsy Society and thought "I could do that", as I often do when browsing Etsy.   Then, my friend Sarah and I went to the Etsy Dallas show on Saturday and browsed all kinds of handmade things (with high price tags) and become really inspired to go home and create something.  Off to JoAnn's we went and bought the supplies to make these:

And about 2 hours, a movie, and a bottle of wine later, we had these.  Our felt flower skills need some practice, for sure, but it was pretty easy to do and I think I may have found yet another hobby.

This would be a good craft for kids because it's cheap to do and fairly easy.  All you need is: 
  • A Styrofoam wreath
  • The thickest yarn you can find (or you'll be wrapping all day)
  • Felt squares in whatever colors you like (or a half yard from a bolt if you want to tie bows)
  • Hot glue gun for assembling the flowers
All you do is tie the end of a looooong piece of yard to the wreath and then wrap it around the styrofoam.  (Next time I'll be wrapping strips of bamboo batting around the wreath before wrapping with yarn so it's thicker.  My wreath has two layers of yarn.)  When I ran out of yarn, I would tie on a new piece and just make sure the knot was on the back of the wreath.  Then, I cut my flower petals out and glued them together thanks to instructions online.  The flowers/bow are attached to the wreath with straight pins because I'm planning to make attachments for other holidays.

Pretty easy, huh?


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