Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pier 1, is that you??

Back in 2001, I loved me some Pier 1.  I had lots of unfortunate "global" items in my dorm (think hot pink beaded trim), and pretty much gave up on the store for everything besides Christmas decor and the occasional rug as my tastes grew more modern and less bazaar (hehe)

However, as I was searching for a cheap sunburst mirror this week (to no avail), I noticed a lot of things that aren't bad at all!  Looks like someone hired some new buyers...


  1. Yes, Pier Uno has definitely upped its game in the last year and a half or so. It used to be known only for fugly papasan chairs and dorm room level decor, but recently I've found some actual cute stuff in there - wicker elephant table, Chinese Chippendale style chairs, peacock mirror, etc.

  2. I keep going back to admire the lamps on the top right. They're so cheap compared to C+B, but I always find something else to buy before splurging on yet another light.

    I'm also loving the metal headboard... le sigh



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