Friday, November 19, 2010

This is for you, Texan ladies excited about fall...

Leggings and tights are not pants.
This is one of my frequent rants.

Crotches can't be on display,
and tall boots don't make it okay.

Whether you are big or small,
lady parts should be covered at all (times)

I didn't take this picture, I'm not a stalker.  I found it online.

I just went to Target on one of the first chilly days of the year and saw way too many panty lines and barely covered rear ends.   I tried not to stare.


  1. Yikes!!! Bless her heart, she forgot her skirt. Double yikes!! 2006 called and it wants its Ugg boots back.

  2. I recently bought some leggings and some dresses to wear with tall boots. My lady parts are ALL covered. I agree with you 100%.

    And with the pp about the Uggs. Ugghhh

  3. I saw tons of cardigan + scarf + leggings + boot outfits, which would be ok if the cardie was not hip length. :-/

  4. Amen! So tired of women in leggings.

  5. I agree with you unless you're talking about running tights, but that's different. And if you wear them anywhere post-run, the regular rules apply.

  6. I JUST had this conversation a few days ago! I think the Olsen twins introduced the 'only-wear-a-shirt-&-leggings' trend several years ago. People - PUT ON YOUR PANTS! What would mama say if she saw you like that?!



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