Friday, November 12, 2010

Elle Decor at Kohl's

After N and I got engaged and set a wedding date, I needed to find a store that our family could actually go to for gifts since Crate and Barrel does not have a location in Bryan, TX or Arnold, MO  (shocking!)  Enter Kohl's - they had a lot of  items that I wouldn't mind having around the house, including my white Fiestaware that's hard to find and towels that aren't $54 each (wtf Macy's?).

Once the wedding was over, we ended up with lots of gift cards and went to our local store to see what we could buy.  I was really happy to see the new Elle Decor collection as well as some other home items that look very unlike the usual department store offerings. 

I especially like the marble top side table and lotus candle holder. But I only have $50 in gift cards left... decisions, decisions


  1. The owl statue looks like a pretty good Jonathan Adler bootleg.

  2. There's also a horse statue that looks like the one that was in Mike and Carol's living room on The Brady Bunch. In case you're interested ;-)



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