Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Room Revamp for $150

My house is pretty charming... until you're the one dealing with weird chest-high windows and wall after wall of the 'on the market' beige paint the previous owners selected.  Overall, we're happy here and will stay for about 5 more years, but in the meantime I have an overwhelming need to make our home less ordinary.  The hitch in this grand plan is that we recently got some of the worst news a young homeowner in Texas can hear - "they'll both have to be replaced."  The "they" refers to our air conditioner and furnace, which gave out two weeks before our wedding. 

Needless to say, my decorating money is now going to other things.  I couldn't bear waiting months with ugly rooms, so I'm doing what I can in the meantime.  I set a limit of $150 for my guest room since I thought it would be an easy starting point and give me the satisfaction of actually finishing something since the room is so small.

Here's our tiny little guest room before I started (that's a queen bed and it takes up the whole room):

I decided to keep the headboard since it's in good shape and great for reading in bed and the fan is pretty new as well.  The walls were a baby blue and the first thing I did was paint them pebble grey by Glidden. (with my wonderful friend, Sarah)

Then, I went to Ikea and purchased the Kjasja Blad duvet cover to make another set of no-sew curtains.  I found a great deal on a Nate Berkus duvet cover set on - $60 for duvet, comforter, bedskirt, and shams.  Finally, I hung a row of Ikea mirrors above the bed (I've had them for 5 years, but they're still available) and added the two DIY pictures I posted about yesterday. 

 And here's the finished product:

(It's hard to take photos of an 8x8 room)  I think our family will like staying in this room and I saved a lot of money that I can put to use in other spaces.  Up next: my office.  Painting begins this week!


  1. Very nice! And I love the new blog design! We actually had those same IKEA mirrors in our first house. Ah, memories.

    This may not be your favorite home ever right now, but I promise you that someday you will look back on it very fondly, and will remember this as a time when life was simpler, and you had so much free time to enjoy each other.

  2. current post unrelated, I'm totally LOLing at your BSC-where-are-they-now, especially at Mallory's transformation into a snarktastic hipster who doesn't want kids. AWESOME~

  3. Thanks ladies! I like to go in there and enjoy a room that's actually finished.

    Entropificus - Thanks for stopping by! I love your Claudia drawings. You even got your own post last week :)



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